Yoga Barn, Kampot. Cambodia


Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Beautiful Cambodia!

Before you start to read about what this meditation, mindfulness, and yoga retreat actually is, stop, close your eyes, take three slow deep breaths and then ask yourself: "How am I really?" Just sit with the response for a few moments!

Doesn't it feel wonderful to take a few sacred seconds of your day to make it all about you? So really, how are you? If the answer is "not as good as I can be", whether it is on a spiritual, physical, or emotional level, then let yourself discover techniques to help change how you feel.

On the other hand, if you feel "I'm on top of the world, the best I've ever been". Congratulations! Give yourself a well-earned rest in paradise and practice how to retain those positive, happy feelings, and share them with others.


About our Retreats

Our rural retreats have been specifically designed for everyone regardless of experience, age or gender! Let us guide you through different styles of Yoga - Hatha, Vinyasa, Fly-High and Yin to help with your physical self. We will also help you discover other techniques for the mind such as meditation, mindfulness & even adult colouring! Exploring the Chakras & Ayurveda will help you deepen your understanding of what makes you who you are! You will be able to welcome the natural rhythms of nature from the moment you rise until the moment it lullabies you to sleep. The peaceful atmosphere reminds you to find and follow your own gentle flow and to relax and unwind in the picturesque Cambodian countryside.

How are you Really? Yoga Retreat in Beautiful Cambodia

Duration (how many nights?)
  • During your stay you will have either your own private room or shared accommodation in our very large dorm at Yoga Barn Retreat Centre in Kampot, Cambodia.


    • The dorm has hot water showers and A/C and is very large so guests will not feel like they are in each others way. Soaps & towels are also supplied.


    • The private rooms all have a double bed with ensuite bathrooms with hot water showers and a fan as standard. The sharing option is for couples sharing a double bed. Soaps and towels are also supplied.


    It has a large and spacious yoga shala set in its own peacful gardens. The centre also has its own restaurant for you to enjoy. As guests of the retreat, you will have full use of the fantastic new yoga studio including equipment such as mats, cushions and straps. The onsite amenities are of a very high standard as you would expect.